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Latest news

17 Apr 2019
We have created a library of images to share showing some of the great things the E.U. has done for us, visit it by clicking here

20 Jan 2019
Rumours are that the peoples vote will soon make a big bold announcement, more details when and as we have it.

07 Feb 2019
Eu confirm what we all knew in November. "The deal is final, we will not reopen it." Jean Claude Juncker tells Theresa May deal will not be renegotiated

30 Jan 2019
Nissan pulls out of making new car in Sunderland stating Brexit makes business here less attractive. Ford, Jauguar and Mini have already done the same.

04 Sep 2018
Gina Millar launches new campaign and website,

23 Aug 2018
Breaking News
EUROPEAN CITIZENS' INITIATIVE A motion to the European Parliment has been launced to allow all European citizens to keep their rights for life. This means UK Citizens keeping freedom of movement and health care after Brexit. We need 1 million signatures to put this before the European Parliment.
Please sign here

15 Aug 2018
The peoples vote are organising a march in Liverpool to the Labour Party conference on Sunday, September the 23rd to apply pressure to Jeremy Corbyn. More information when we have it.

10 Aug 2018
Major Brexit poll finds 53% would back Remain if referendum was held now. Read more

Peoples vote

More and more people are demanding a vote on the final brexit deal. It doesn’t matter if you voted remain or leave, no one wants May's Brexit plan or worse, no deal at all. Make sure you send Westminster a clear message by signing both of the big two petitions.

Sign the Peoples vote here.

Sign the Independents petition here.

Brexit facts

How much has brexit cost?

Want to know what brexit is costing the UK economy? Take a look at our Brexit cost calulator, the current cost to the UK will shock you.

Today's feature - Positive case

Why not visit our library of images making positive case for staying in the EU, we have loads to choose from. meme of day

Register to vote

It's looking more and more likely that article 50 will be extended and the peoples vote will take place. This could take place with as little as 3 weeks notice. Don't wait too late, make sure you are on the electoral register today.

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